June Event Calendar: Our Top 5 Austin Events!

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My, oh my, it’s June in Austin! While we haven’t quite seen our crazy hot days of summer, the humidity has given us a little taste of what’s to come! But until then, let us enjoy the amazing Austin weather by getting outside and enjoying some of the many festivals upon us this month! This […]

Austin, TX: Quenching a Thirst

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Tracking rainfall back in time through the growth rings of trees tells us exactly how the current drought will end: flood. History tells us that in this region, a cycle of extreme drought is always broken by floods. Strong September rains remind us of this eventuality.   To catch valuable run off during these torrents […]

Buy a house in 2010? Don’t forget to file your homestead exemption!

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Buy a house in 2010? Don’t forget to file your homestead exemption! It’s a very simple -FREE- process that a lot of homeowners forget all about. That’s right; the county wants to reward you for being a homeowne buy cheap cialis r. They will lower the valuation of the property (the exact amount varies from […]

Protesting Your Tax Appraisal

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In the next few days you should get the 2010 Notice of Appraised Value for your property. It will come from the county tax office where your property is located so keep an eye out for it. The notice gives you the assessed value for the market value of the land and the improvements or […]

Calculating Your Property Tax

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People often ask us how the property tax in Texas is figured.   The county establishes a property value on January 1st . Assessments are mailed to property owners in April or May with a letter outlining the appeal process. Each tax district decides on a tax rate based on the revenue they need to operate, […]