January 2020 Market Report Overview – Home Prices Increasing

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Overview of January 2020 Market Report
2,674 homes sold in December.  16% more than last year.  This is the second highest December sales in Austin history, slightly less than the record year 2018.
There are 3,217 homes Pending.  This is 24% more than one year ago!  This is the second highest in Austin history, slightly less than the record year 2018
There are 5,596 homes for sale at the beginning of January.  This is 13% fewer homes for sale than one year ago.  And also 5% lower than 2018.
This January has the lowest Months of Inventory in the last 8 years and probably in a much, much longer time.  Last year in January there was only 2.78 Months of Inventory, defined as an Extreme Seller’s Market.  Today this has dropped to 2.09 Month’s of Inventory.  Historically, Months of Inventory usually decreases, gets smaller, as the market gets tighter because of increased Spring demand.  This increase in demand usually slows down in July or August and Month’s of Inventory increases as demand decreases with kids in school.  This Spring could be a very tight market where demand outpaces homes for sale and should increase overall prices and result in multiple offers for homes.  Every price range is different.  With less demand, prices over $900,000 are in a Normal Seller’s Market and prices above $2M are in a Balanced or Buyer’s Market.
Average sold price is December was $409,267.  This is an increase of 9.9% from one year ago.  The Median home sale for December was $320,000.  This is an increase of 5.6% from one year ago.

December 2019 WAP Market Report

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West Austin Properties Market Report for December 2019
1)  9% more homes sold last month, than one years ago.  Most ever for Austin November sales.   Compared to 5 years ago, total sales are up 27%
2) 9% more homes are Pending, compared to one year ago.  Compared to 5 years ago, current Pendings are up 26%
3) 10% less homes are for sale compared to one year ago.  The number of homes for sale compared to prior years had been increasing each month until May 2019.  Since May 2019 the number of homes for sale have been below 2018 and 2019.
4)  Average homes sold prices have risen 4.2% in the last year.  Median homes sold prices have seen a slight decline of .8% from one year ago.
5)  Average days on market for homes sold in November was 59 days.  One year ago the average days on market was 61 days.
6)  Today there are 2.6 Months of Inventory, defined as an Extreme Seller’s Market.  One year ago there were 3.2 Months of Inventory , defined as a Normal Buyer’s Market.

Austin Real Estate Market Experiences Record Sales

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Over 12,500 homes sold during the first 5 months of this year– 1,000 more than sold in the first 5 months of 2018.

3,355 homes sold in May, an increase of 5 percent from May of last year.

4,920 homes are Pending for sale. The last two months have seen the highest number of Pendings EVER in the Austin market.

There is currently only 2.18 months of inventory, down from 2.38 in June of last year, a drop of 8.4%.

We are in an Extreme Sellers Market (under 3 months of inventory) for all Price Bands under $900,000. One year ago our Extreme Sellers Market was only for the Price Bands below $600,000

There are 7,320 homes for sale in Austin, a decrease of 4.15% from one year ago and also 4% below 2017.

Of the 25 Zip Codes we track in the Market Report, in 10 of the Zip Codes the average home sold in May ABOVE 100% of list! A year ago in only 2 Zip Codes were homes on average selling over 100% of list.

Compared to one year ago, the average May sold price of $417,745 was up 5.2%

As always, market conditions are local to neighborhoods and specific homes. If you want more information about your neighborhood or your home, we are always happy to provide it.

Austin Area Home Sales Report

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In the last six years, the Austin market has changed dramatically. This change has significantly impacted home values and affordability, and it has significantly changed the way buyers and sellers get their best results.

Between 2009 – 2012 an average of 1900 homes in Austin sold each year during January and February. Our market stagnation followed the economic recession of 2008. Every year after 2012, for 6 years, the number of sales has increased during January and February. This year we have had over 3400 sales in the first two months of the year.

More homes have sold in January and February than any prior year in Austin’s history.

Currently there are 5,757 homes for sale, a 14.1% increase over last year. However demand continues to exceed the increased inventory and home prices continue to rise. This is especially true for homes priced below $600,000.

In January, the average sales price was $374,338. The median sales price was $300,000. The average sales price in February was up 5.29% and the median sales price up 4.32% from just one year ago.

The areas with highest demand and lowest inventory are in Southwest Austin, East Austin and Northwest Austin.

The zip code with the highest average price homes sold was 78703 at $1,160,168. Homes priced over $1M remain in an Extreme Buyer’s Market with over 12 months of inventory. However in January and February 85 homes sold over $1M, an Austin record.

Buying and Selling in this market requires a deep understanding of the history and pressures in each area of town. As always, we invite you to contact us for information specific to your area of interest.

Posted by Laura Duggan, Broker/Owner, West Austin Properties, 3312 River Road, Austin, TX 78703, 512-750-2425, homes@westaustin.com

Austin Real Estate Market Report for January 2018

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December saw a significant increase in home sales, 2693 homes sold, a 26% increase from last December! We think Hurricane Harvey, the California fires, a rising interest rates and perhaps the tax bill contributed to the rise. We had buyers coming to Austin from both the Houston area hit by the hurricane and from California where one family lost everything. Thankfully, inventory is also up so we had good Austin properties to show them.

To Summarize:
Currently Pendings are lower than the last two years.

It is an Extreme Seller’s Market for homes priced under $500,000. This is 72% of the homes for sale.

Of homes prices above $2M, only 9 homes sold in December out of 192 homes on the market. Of the 4 that sold over $3M, the sales price was only 73% of the asking price.

There are currently more homes for sale in January, 5,967, than the previous 5 years. There are 11% more homes for sale than last January.

Overall the Austin market has 2.43 Months of Inventory, the lowest of any December in the last 7 years.

The average sales price for a home in Austin, $376,185, was an increase of 3.4% from one year ago. The prior year also saw an increase of 3.4%

The median sales price for a home in Austin, $310,000, was an increase of 6.9% from one year ago. The prior year saw an increase of 5.6%

Conclusion: The Austin market remains strong. Demand overall is high and homes for sale have increased. The only weakness in the Austin market are the homes priced over $2M.

See the entire market report where we break down the statistics by price band and zip code.

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