How many homes that hit the market in 2010 actually SOLD? You might be surprised.

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This a question that many Realtors are discussing across the country. The answer is somewhat shocking.

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Denver, Colorado had as few as 1 in 4 homes sell, while  Washington, DC had 6 out of 10 sell.  As far as Austin, Texas goes… we are (in my opinion) the most stable real estate market in the country. We have job growth, we have a strong economy… the list goes on. And how does our sales numbers compare to the rest of the ecomony? Watch the video and read below to find out.

Recently, I was involved in a poll asking Realtors around the country how many homes actually sold in their markets in 2010. See below for a list of cities that had responses:

Knox County, Ohio – 42.54%

Wasilla, Alaska – 38%

Liberty Hill, Texas – 42.45%

Door County, Wisconsin – 25%

York County, South Carolina – 63%

Denver, Colorado – 25%

St. Louis, Missouri – 45.14%

Memphis, TN – 34%

Indianapolis, Indiana – 33.5%how to get back with your ex


Washington, DC – 63%

Montgomery, Alabama – 43.9%

Chicago, Illinois – 21%

Anoka County, Minnesota – 46.49%

Los Angeles, California – 43.1%

Austin, Texas falls right in the middle…. 51.17%

For every 2 homes that were listed in 2010, 1 SOLD!

See the chart below for the trends over the last 12 years.

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